Destination wedding, the gay way!

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I’m getting married next year to the woman of my dreams. Something I never expected to experience in my lifetime to be honest, nor was it ever a dream of mine to get married, but I was asked and I will go with it. Excitedly!

Speaking on behalf of many of my gay sisters and brothers, I know that we enjoy making our special occasion a little unique. We have always lived our lives outside of the box and our wedding day could be no exception. Whether it is the venue, or the sequence of events in the ceremony, or the vows, or the décor, or the outfits, here is a great opportunity to be creative, and build an event that does not necessarily follow a cultural prescription, but our desires. Haven’t we been doing that forever? The possibilities are endless!

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To travel or not to travel?

We have traditionally been travelling to visit family and friends, enjoy a festival, history, food, sport or for business purposes. Now low airfares have enabled many of us to explore the idea of a destination wedding. It’s different, makes for gorgeous photos and is also a fun gateaway for guests. Necker Island is outside of my budget, so I’ve been looking at more realistic alternatives!

Budget aside, the biggest factor in the decision-making process is picking a location that is meaningful to the couple, a place you’ve had history. It could be where you met, the location of your first ever vacation together, or a memorable Pride celebration somewhere, a place that you look back on and remember fondly. What a great occasion to share that history with your guests!

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I picked a place that my fiancée and I have never been to actually, but that is itself steeped in lesbian history. Shibden Hall is a magnificent 15th century medieval manor house, which was home to renowed 19th century openly lesbian mountaineer, traveller and adventurist Anne Lister. Anne had some lesbian fun in that house! And she recorded it all in secret code in countless diaries in over 4 million words. What a rebel! If only she’d known that in the future lesbians would get legally married in her house!

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Tip: Check the homosexuality laws and local attitudes of your destination and ensure you and your guests are safe.

To elope or not to elope?

Now this is a difficult subject dear readers, I know. Sometimes, a wedding has no guests, and is a small occasion for the couple and a witness. Because many of us have troubled relationships with our families, a wedding can feel like something we would rather not do, if it means not having family there. Well, family is not just blood, family is also chosen. And a wedding is about the future with your beloved, a future of total love and devotion. That is the beauty of a solid relationship. Those sacred words of commitment are not about anyone else but the couple, and saying them to each other is one more way that love demonstrates its resilience.

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The most important person in your life, is in that room. That magical moment, is about you and them. It might not be how you’ve envisaged your wedding, but it is beautiful anyway. More than beautiful-it is a miracle. Not just that you lived to experience marriage equality, but that you have found the hand of a soulmate to hold onto in your life’s journey. You are so lucky. And that’s what it’s all about.


More travel for the lovebirds. Sometimes, if the venue is part of a chain of resorts, they will give you points to use in any of the resorts for your honeymoon, which keeps costs down. Equally beautiful and simple can be a hideaway bed & breakfast, or a beach hut, and a scooter to explore the hidden treasures of the place. Happy and free!

I will honeymoon with Olivia Lesbian Travel and they’re not even paying me to say this. If you’ve read my previous article on Olivia you know I feel happiest and safest when vacationing in the loving arms of my Olivia family. We’re going to the Bahamas baby, with 8 days at the all-inclusive oceanfront Columbus Isle Resort. The great benefit of honeymooning with Olivia is you can set up a registry that includes money towards an Olivia vacation, room upgrades, champagne, excursions, couple’s massage and more. What a great way to kick off married life!


Peace and passion, forever xox




Vicky mora em Londres e está sempre pronta para uma aventura, para explorar as delícias locais, conhecer pessoas incríveis e apreciar a beleza das pessoas e do nosso mundo.

Vicky is based in London and is always ready for an adventure, to explore the local delights, meet amazing people and respectfully appreciate the beauty of our world and fellow humans.

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